Natural Salcoll Collagen Exclusive Cream

Natural Salcoll Collagen Exclusive Cream is a odorless cream suitable for all skin types requiring revitalization. Thanks to its micro-crystalline formula the cream absorbs instantly and your complexion becomes smooth and firm. Extremely effective nursing suitable for skin at every age. Active components: extract from Salcoll Collagen a repository of natural marine collagen and elastin, protein, macro- and micro-elements.

Natural Salcoll Collagen Serum

Natural Salcoll Collagen Serum for eyes and lips is a natural cosmetic based on type I collagen extract obtained from salmon skin. Demonstrates strong lifting and repairing effects. Complete care for every type of skin.

Natural Salcoll Collagen Body Gel

Natural Salcoll Collagen Body Gel is made by highly specialized & unique process from collagen of salmon fish. The collagen is extracted carefully by hand and subjected to repeated filtration at low temperature until the collagen is 100% pure. This process prevents the structural & bio-active integrity of the collagen molecules and ensures easy transdermal absorption & optimal effectiveness.

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